Advanced training course Biblioteche d’autore contemporanee: Metodologia di acquisizione, gestione e valorizzazione (National Central Library of Rome, 29-31 October 2019)

Silvia Tripodi


The paper offers a report of the advanced training course Contemporary personal libraries: methodologies of acquisition, management and promotion, held at the National Central Library of Rome from 29th to 31st of October 2019. The course has been organised in response to the increasing interest and to the numerous problems related to management, handling and promotion of XX century’s personal libraries. The speeches, given by qualified experts in management, handling, study and analysis of contemporary personal libraries, deal with various topics regarding acquisition, management, presentation of case studies and finally appreciation and promoting. Thanks to institutions’ proponents and to the analysis of case studies, the course has given to attend relevant starting points and practical suggestions for an updated and aware approach to personal libraries.


Personal libraries; personal archives; personal collections; National Central Library of Rome; Spazi900

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Linee guida 2018 = Linee guida adottate in Archiginnasio per la descrizione degli esemplari, a cura di Laura Tita Farinella, «Archiginnasio: bollettino della biblioteca comunale di Bologna», 113 (2018), p. 343-392.

Linee guida 2019 = Linee guida sul trattamento dei fondi personali, a cura della Commissione nazionale biblioteche speciali, archivi e biblioteche d’autore dell’Associazione italiana biblioteche, versione 15.1, 31 marzo 2019, (ult. cons.: 18/11/2019).

DOI: 10.6092/issn.2283-9364/10375


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