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Alfredo Serrai


Bibliographies and Libraries have always been bound by a link that makes them complementary: the first one is about the reporting and recording of the books, while the second one is devoted to the collection, organization and storage of the books. The origin of this link traces back to the second half of the sixteenth century, in the city of Zurich. Conrad Gesner, Josias Simler, Conrad Lycosthenes and Johann Jacob Frisius, inspired by their master Huldrych Zwingli, realized some bibliographies - such as the Bibliotheca Universalis, Pandectae and subsequent summaries - that showed a clear awareness of the relationship between libraries and bibliographies. This consciousness is well represented by praefationes of these repertoires.


Conrad Gesner; Josias Simler; Conrad Lycosthenes; Johann Jacob Frisius; Bibliography

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