For the history of the Capuchin monastery libraries of Genoa

Francesca Nepori


The paper traces the history of the Capuchin monastery libraries of Genoa, since the 1535 to the present day. The main sources used are the Capuchin Constitutions, the documents kept at the Provincial Archives and the library catalogs of the cloisters (including the Bibliotheca Scriptorum Minorum Ordinis S. Francisci Capuccinorum p. Dionisio from Genoa) and, finally, was some piece of news by private libraries. The story of the thirty-four cloister libraries is linked with the Provincial Library, which is representative of the Capuchin Province of Genoa and an important center for the conservation of all monastic book collections.


Capuchins; Capuchin’s Library of Genoa; History of Libraries; Genoa

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2283-9364/5786


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