A ‘Bibliocentro’ project for the Camera di Commercio of Rome


  • Fiammetta Sabba




Camera di Commercio, Bibliocentro, SBN, Rome, Library project


The Camera di Commercio of Rome, created in 1809, has always been closely connected with the commercial, industrial, economic and touristic reality of the city. According to these features, the Camera would need for its library and its documentation center to have an additional interface with its users and to have an effective tool to play his mission. Despite the economic difficulties have not allowed the realization, a detailed project of the structure, whose name should have been 'Bibliocentro', was done. It provides the following qualities: Thematic nature, Utilities, Usability, Visibility, Activities, Interactivity and Historicity. The bibliographic collection and media should be strongly focused on the issues of the institutional activities, along with the complete collection of all publications edited by the Camera. The collection should be ordered and indexed according to the Dewey Decimal Classification. The project also provides for the membership of Bibliocentro to the National Libraries System, to ensure visibility and accessibility.



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Sabba, F. (2015). A ‘Bibliocentro’ project for the Camera di Commercio of Rome. Bibliothecae.It, 4(1), 97–111. https://doi.org/10.6092/issn.2283-9364/5787