British Bibliographical Journals: past present and future


  • John Feather Loughborough University, UK



Bibliophily, Bibliofilia, United Kingdom, Bibliographical Journals


Library and Information Science as an academic discipline and as formal professional training and education, evolved very slowly in the UK. The study of books develops as a product of enlightenment; librarians and scholars began to develop the lists of the early printed books with the Annales typographici of Maittaire (1719-41). In England, Thomas Frognall Dibdin (1776-1847) coined the word bibliomania to describe the phenomenon that was contributing to promote certain types of books as objects of fashion. Bibliomania proved to be a passing fad, but it influenced the future direction of bibliophily, and some actually still survive in whole or in part. Between mid- to late-19th century the continuous history book-related and professional librarianship journals in the United Kingdom began; history that is told up to the present day.


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