Memory storytelling between heritage and tourism in the age of the converging culture


  • Giulia Crippa



Memory, Storytelling, Converging Culture, Wikipedia, Tourism and Heritage


This papers reflects on the establishment of new heritages and on the attribution of new meanings ato the existing ones. Our hypothesis is that the converging culture is transforming the relationship we establish with memory records, in all their material and intangible manifestations. In a society like ours, where we think of the “web”, we can’t separate information spaces such as libraries – and their primary materials – and, more generally, the sources of information from their reconfiguration on the many digital platforms, to understand how to draw the emerging manifestations of memory and their materialization. Basically, we want to talk about how we elaborate the narratives of memory which necessarily must be accompanied by phenomena related to digital technologies and globalization, both of markets and culture. We will try, then, to show how the converging culture produces a kind of transformation of “hierarchies” of the traditional library. Will design, initially, one of the aspects of the new order of “global” information, based on the idea of storytelling and, most importantly, transmedia storytelling, analyzing how it tends to occupy all the possible sources of accessible information for everyone who have an internet connection, such as Wikipedia. In order to understand this phenomena, we will observe some examples of how it is built today the information, including encyclopedia and fiction, starting from the story by Borges Tlön, Uqbar, orbis tertius. Finally, we focus our attention on “materials” events of the new narratives of memory elaborated on these premises. We will confront, therefore, with some examples of offers of heritage and tourist sites that make tangible these paths of knowledge. 



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Crippa, G. (2017). Memory storytelling between heritage and tourism in the age of the converging culture. Bibliothecae.It, 6(1), 233–264.