Subiaco libraries


  • Valentino Romani



Incunabula, Subiaco, De Civitate Dei, Sweynheym, Pannartz


The chronicles of Subiaco not cite Sweynheym and Pannartz, and such silence does not find motivation, when you consider that in Subiaco libraries are preserved many editions that the two Germans have printed in Subiaco and in Rome. An imprecise memory of their stay in the Subiaco is only starting from 1630. The lists of manuscripts and incunabula of libraries, although they reported more numbers because of mergers of libraries, allow you to identify the editions of the two pioneers of the press. At Subiaco the first significant enhancement of incunabula collections occurred between 1777 and 1780 during the government of abbot Giuseppe Giustino Di Costanzo in St. Scholastica. In 1467 he gift to Pope Pius VI a copy of the De Civitate Dei of St. Augustine stored in the library. The pope thanked by donating to the monks a silver chalice and encouraged them to court litigation. In the appendix are transcribed documents concerning relations between St. Scholastica and the Papal See. 



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